Lawrence Engrissei, JD

Senior Claims Specialist

Lawrence Engrissei is an attorney based out of southern NJ. Due to his extensive and storied work history as a trial attorney, claims manager, and insurance operations guru, Larry consistently adds value to every claim he works on. He focuses much of his work on consulting, auditing, and successfully managing claims on all kinds of Primary Excess and Catastrophic Excess claims involving General Liability, Management Liability, Professional Liability, Products Liability, Casualty, Property, and more. Larry’s experience at home and abroad (US, UK, EU, BDA, and ROW) make him particularly adept at managing claims arising on US policies, UK slips (MRCs), and Bermuda Forms.

Larry began his career in private practice as litigation counsel for two law firms specializing in Legal, Professional & Health Malpractice in NJ and PA. He then took on a position with AIG as Senior Trial Counsel and Managing Attorney. Following his 16 years at AIG, he worked as Senior Vice President for Starr Excess and Iron-Starr Excess companies. Before coming onboard with Envoy, he worked at Ironshore/Liberty Mutual as Senior Vice President, Global Transformation Office.

Larry earned a Juris Doctor degree in International Law and Legal Studies from Rutgers School of Law where he served as President of the Student Bar Association and President of Phi Alpha Delta. He also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science with a focus on International Relations and a minor in Economics from Western Illinois University.

Larry’s hobbies include skiing, sailing, scuba diving, and golf.

Lawrence Engrissei, JD