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Environmental services


Commercial General Liability

Envionmental Pipeline Release and Contamination Claim Handlng Services

Pipeline Releases

Truck Rollovers


Mold and Other Contamination


Above and Underground Storage Tanks

General Liability & Product Liability Claims Handling Servies

Premises Liability

New York Labor Law

Product Liability

Catastrophic Injuries

Jones Act

NY Labor Law and so much more...

Product and General Liability

Toxic Tort

Toxic Tort Mold Asbestos Legionella Lead Paint Claims Handling Services

Mass Tort




Lead Paint Ingestion 

Longtail & Short-term Exposure to Chemicals

Primary &Excess Auto

Auto Claims and Excess Auto Claims Handlng Services

Trucking Accidents

Bodily Injury

Mutiple Fatalities  

Mass Pileups

Excess Auto

Contractors Pollution

Construction Defect

Contractors Pollution Policy Claims Handling Services
Construction Defect Claims Handling Services
Toxic Tort

New and Pre-existing Construction Defect

Controlled Insurance Programs (OCIPs, CIPs, WRAPS)

Pollution from Unmarked Pipelines and USTs 

Exacerbated Soil Contamination During Fill Operations

Fuel Release During Repair of Fuel Lines 

Runoff from Rain at Worksites

Toxic Releases

Mold / Water Damage




Above Ground/Subterranean Waterproofing

Construction Defect

Bodily Injury & Property Damage

Pre-Litigation Proceedings, Warranty Claims

Controlled Insurance Programs (OCIPs, CIPs, WRAPS)

Commercial, Residential, Multi-Home, and Multi-Unit Construction / High Rises and

Mixed-Use Projects

Additional Insured and Indemnity Agreement Tenders

Priority / Allocation Concerns


Contractors' Pollution
Construction Defect

Autonomous Vehicles

Emerging Risks and Autonomous Vehicle Claims Handling Services


Product Liability – Communications, Software, and Hardware

Public Infrastructure

  • Cloud Server System

Regulatory Compliance

Bodily Injury / Property Damage

Cyber Liability

Cyber Liability Claims Handling Services

Multi-Peril Policies

Network Asset Protection

Ransomeware / Cyber Extortion

PCI DSS Demands

Privacy Breach Response / Notification Events

Multimedia Liability

Security and Privacy Liability

Regulatory Defense and Penalties

Autonomous Vehicles & Cyber Liability

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles ("Drones")

Drones and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Claims

First and Third-party Property Damage

Hull and Associated Equipment

Bodily Injury 

Personal Injury (Privacy, Nuisance, and Invasion) 


Indemnity Contracts / Additional Insured

Priority of Coverage Evaluations

Multi-party Allocation considerations

Regulatory Compliance

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