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Insurance Companies Insurance Carriers and Claims Departments
Insurance Companies & Claims Departments

Envoy Specialty is a third-party claims manager that works with insurance companies that already offer environmental insurance or organizations that want to build out that offering without incurring the cost of building an entire department.

We are leaders in the space and have managed thousands of claims on behalf of organizations around the world. For more info, read about our experience and check out our services.

Risk Management for Companies and Policyholders
Risk Managers & Policyholders

Risk managers help control the cost of insurance premiums and improve business operations by adopting risk management strategies. Envoy Speciality understands that risk awareness and mitigation activities can add up to a safer workplace as well as positive brand recognition.​​​​

We work with risk managers and claims departments in both large and small enterprises to provide a clear and structured approach to identifying risks.

Few organizations are prepared to effectively manage unforeseeable losses, but we have extensive experience in managing an extensive variety of losses arising on any policy issued to an environmental market.  We also understand how to effectively communicate with the insurance carriers and brokers to help you recovery money spent.  We also understand that purchasing insurance is not a complete risk management plan. We work with risk managers  to create a thorough and thoughtful risk management plan that reduces likelihood of harm to improve efficiencies and increase capacity. And when things go wrong, Envoy Specialty can help.

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